Thursday, May 5, 2011

Q. I'm in love with a gay man. We did have a snog once even though he insisted there was nothing in it. Can I change his mind?

A. Well, maybe if you change yourself a bit first. Like your hair and your clothes. Oh, and your entire chromosomal make up. Face it girl, the guy is gay. No matter how many times he says: 'If I were straight, you're the woman I'd fancy' it's not going to change the fact that he isn't. That doesn't mean that he isn't flattered that you find him irresistible - hell, I'm flattered when next door's cat singles me out for attention, but it'll never be any more than that. So you had a snog? Maybe he was drunk, maybe he was lonely, maybe he needed the practice, or he was curious. Who knows? The only thing I know is that you're wasting your time. If it was his wardrobe you wanted to change, or his hairdo, I'd say give it a go. But his sexuality? No chance. Don't sentence yourself to years of Saturday nights at gay discos full of boys who are prettier than you. Accept this man as your friend and move on.

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