Thursday, October 29, 2009

Q. What percentage of women actually ejaculate?

A. Not many women actually ejaculate, or 'squirt', it is incredibly difficult to do, however it is possible, and is a very pleasurable experience. Women are under alot of pressure to be multi orgasmic, and resemble porn stars, and sometimes wonder if this is just another 'trick' we have to perform in the bedroom. Its not. But if you ever want to try it with your understanding partner then please check out this video on Red Tube. Its fascinating to watch and is a 'How To' guide to ejaculation.

There is a link to this video on my other blog but I'll put the link on here too, if you don't want to read anything other than this blog.

Don't expect miracles, and expect this to happen everytime you try, it really isn't that easy, but its good fun trying :)


  1. Wow that is really interesting going to send this to my friend lol hopefully he can test this out for me. Really good do you know who the guys is? or where i can get more of his stuff?

  2. I will watch that video with interest!